First thing in the morning, she dresses for work, rolls up her sleeves, eager to get started.

~ Proverbs 31:17 ~


Hi! I'm Monique, born and raised in The Netherlands. I am a mother of two - a boy (2006) and a girl (2011) and wife to LJ. We live in an apartment, but we are also proud owners of a vegetable garden, from wich we get as much food as we can. almost officially devorced after my husband left me and the kids on our own. I do still live in our apartment, but looking out for a new home to me and my little ones.

Although I have to go out now to find me some work, I still am a fulltime housewife and a very proud stay at home mom. I am convinced that you can achieve many things with little money or recources and that you can be a lot more independent than you think you probably can.

I started blogging in 2005 when I was pregnant with my first child and to this day I still love doing it. Over the years the contents of blogging has certainly changed, but the pleasure of writing hasn't become any less.

I still like to write about getting more done with limited resources, the processing of (seasonal) vegetables and living a simple life.

You are most welcome to join me and my family in our journey to a simpler life. Happy reading!



If you like to contact me: GoodOldHousehold at gmail dot com

I am so honored, flattered and touched by your emails. They truly make my day and encourage me in moments when I need it. Thank you!

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